We’re Pie.

We help American households keep more money in their pockets, especially when they need it most.

Life’s no cakewalk…



Americans struggle to pay bills during the COVID-19 recession1


American households had to forgo necessities to pay an energy bill2


Americans have less than 3 months’ worth of living expenses saved for emergencies3

Our mission

Buy now pay later service USA

Whether its helping households weather rainy days, or simply providing more time to pay a bill, we promote financial peace of mind by bridging the cash flow gap, without the debt trap.


Our team


We’re focused on empowering households to succeed in spite of what life throws at them. Whether its COVID-19, a recession, or other life events, our team is focused on enabling financial peace of mind, one bill at a time.

Growing up, I watched my single mother struggle to support my brother and me. I’ve experienced coming home to a dark apartment when my mother missed an electricity bill payment. My goal is to help others avoid that experience.

Ben Teal



As an owner of a property management firm, I’ve witnessed families struggle to make ends meet. The increased stress and uncertainty can cause the happiest of families to crack under the financial strain – I’m here to fix that.

Jason Chang